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Location:Lijiang, Yunnan
Date:March 31, 2012

Lijiang Old Town

Channels cross around all the Town, numerous of small bridges stand upon the rivers like the rainbows and dense of weeping willow swing with the wind are the sign of Lijiang Old Town. With the altitude of 2400 Meters, Lijiang Old Town is titled as National Famous Historical and Cultural City. Also, because of the magnificent scenery and the characteristic structure, Lijiang Old Town is named as “Oriental Venice”.

Walking through the gate is like going back several centuries with the lovely old Chinese houses along the old cobbled paths. There are many of wooden bridges cross through the streams that are all clean and full of goldfish released by visitors for luck.

Lijiang Old Town sits at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Show Mountain). Waters from Jade Dragon River flows down from the North of the city, that illustrates the “West river”, “Middle river” and “East River” in Lijiang Old Town. Waters go through all the town while the main river separated into several tributaries. It forms Lijiang Old Town the picturesque scene of “channels runs through every alley; clear streams cross through every family”.

People live in Lijiang Old Town are strict for the usage of water. There is a famous well located in the town named “Three eyes well”, which means waters from the well of first eye are used for drinking; the second one is for vegetable-washing while the third one is only for clothes-washing.

Main streets in Lijiang Old Town are separated into several small roads and alleys, they all link together and extend in all directions. Several small and bendy alleys interlaced in a complicative situation, just like a maze. Right in the center of Lijiang Old Town, the “Si Fong Jie” square, it’s not difficult to see there are always some Naxi old people leisuring around. Carrying the tippet embroidered with seven stars on it, which represents the Naxis’ admiration of hardworking spirit – start working nonstop from the early morning till the late evening.

Naxi minority people like to gather together no matter for chatting, playing cards, chess, or dance with the traditional Naxi music. Besides, around the Si Fong Jie there are tones of boutiques sell all kinds of Chinese traditional arts, paintings, copper wares, handicrafts, accessories and of course, various forms of products with the Naxi unique picture-liked language – The “Dongba” pictograph characters on it.

After dark, Lijiang Old Town presents you a different image. The whole area is lit with lamps, red lanterns, and alive with songs and music. Boys ad girls wear their Naxi traditional clothes, standing in front of the bars and restaurants then singing together for welcoming the guests.