Tour Guide Hiring & Charter Car Service in China
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Demands Meeting

We know the only barrier for you to travel China alone is language, let us help you get it over, forget about the greedy travel agencies.

Money Saving

Pay as low as USD $9.99 per day for a helpful licensed English-speaking tour guide. Pay everything else after you see the actual price.

Very Flexible

Forget about the fixed unsatisfied itinerary and hotels, change them as you tour further, choose them on spot by yourself.

Clearer Quotation

The quotation we give you will be listed on per day per item basis, thus you will know exactly what your cost is made of.

Seems a great deal? Reconsidered your China tours? Want to be a modern traveler in the new age? Hurry up to check:


  • Multilingual Tour Guide Hiring

    In all conditions, a local tour guide speaks in your language is always the one-time solution for you to travel China alone. We offer RENT-GUIDE-ONLY service in China. It’s flexible and money saving. It’s the only key element you need for your private China tours.
  • Charter Car

    For remote regions, or comfort, sometimes you may need to hire a car. We offer Charter Car service in China with affordable price.


  • Xiexie Way Wang for being such a caring and helpful guide for my client and friend, Aaron Wong. He told me he had such a wonderful time during his trip to Yunnan. I made a DVD for him from some of his photos and see that you were in them too. I have been so busy trying to edit my digital book to get it ready to sell that I haven't had any extra time to thank you for your excellent guide service, etc. Will write more soon.
    Nancy Aki, Hawaiian Islands
  • The driver was reliable, professional and flexible. He made sure to show us how to get to places, buy tickets, where to eat, and pointed out particular landmarks so we could remember where to meet him. He was conscientious and always on time.
    Liz Elliott, British
  • I have to say, I am very impressed. Confirmation / invoice is very detailed. I'm a very organize and detailed person and didn't see anything that you've missed.
    Marissa, Austria
  • For the third time I traveled with TravelChinaWith.Me, and both Sulu and Way they're very reliable, and they just arrange the things you want to have arranged for you, and the rest you can do yourself. It's very individual and relax, I just love to travel with them. Video
    Franz, Germany
Travel-China With-Me-12th-anniversary Travel China with Me was started from 2012 and have no intention to stop by now :)