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Location:Dali, Yunnan

Tian Long Ba Bu Film Studio

Perhaps you already have read Mr. Jin Yong’s martial arts novels of the famous “Chronicles”? Dali chronicles the Showbiz City to shoot the Mainland Edition 40 set TV series the Chronicles of investment of 100 million Yuan to build, but now it has become one of the Dali of popular tourist attractions. Every day an endless stream of domestic and foreign tourists flock to here, to explore the Chronicles of those lovely stained, pride of the chivalrous story; to explore the Showbiz City includes one historical mystery ….

“On-the first western” This is perhaps the highest rating Dali Tian Long Ba Bu movie instead.

Great movie town.

Tian Long Ba Bu Studios is located in Dali China scenic spot scenic Cang er center of the beautiful foothills of Dali provincial tourism resort Area. Beautiful back the Mountain, overlooking the boundless expanse of blue water of Erhai Lake, Dali, one east. .5 Km south of Dali March Street Street Field 0. .5 Km from the national cultural heritage 2 km Three Pagodas, Dali provincial tourism resort is to “Tian Long Ba Bu” Film shot to construct a large base of film. .

The Showbiz City covers an area of 700 acres, with a total construction area of 2. .5 million square meters, total consists of 146 single building components.

Studios is a unique local ethnic characteristics, to meet the demands of film, feature film and television base in China, more complete, but it is also showing the Dali Kingdom and the Western Xia Dynasty, the Jurchen, Liao history and culture theme park, is another relatively Dali large-scale tourist attractions, and Dali, Three Pagodas, Yuanshizhu Emperor Ping Yunnan Monument, Hong San Temple with one tower and other existing attractions, history and culture form a centralized display of Dali’s tourism core area. .

Characteristics, the song featured Dali.

Movie with Jin Yong’s “Tian Long Ba Bu” as the background basis and “Tian Long Ba Bu” cast design concept, the financial houses of the Bai people and local artisans nature’s intricate architectural features of their craft, from “Tian Long Ba Bu” total artist, former Beijing Associate Dean of the film, Mr. Song Hongrong professor at the national level, in accordance with the “Dali features, Song characteristics, refer to the” painting “of film combined with tourism,” the principles of planning and design, and construction-site guidance. .

The shape of “a beautiful, elegant, fancy,” as a style, the structure to the Northern Song Zhangzeduan paintings portraying, in effect as the mainstay of the brick, blue brick building green tiles as the main build “ancient city”, true, true, permanent, fixed, highlight the “rough plane composition, change, unity, atmospheric” layout principles, according to the natural terrain using the ladder height difference. Color processing according to the history, nature and life “as a precondition, coloring, and built a sense of time, life, natural conception.

Into history.

As we approached the Chronicles movie town, at a glance to see Mr. Jin Yong’s own references to the name, written by city gates on both sides of the Dali is a meaningful couplet “laughing God-man against the Pitt books Uyen, white deer shooting shot.” Couplet, each word represents Mr. Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, one of the 14-character happens to be his representative the 14 of this couplet appear here, maybe as expressed by Mr. Jin Yong’s admiration?.

Song Dali is magnificent tower, the same color green-brick structure, fresh and quiet, high 20 meters, 120 meters long, 22 meters wide. Square battlements on the fluttering flags, one can imagine then Dali eminence. .

The city is divided into four areas: one for Dali, including marble Street, marble palace, town house; the second is liaoguo, including ‘ gate and size ‘ Street; 3 to Western countries, including the desperate resort, xixia Yipin Church; 4 for the Jurchen tribes. As you can in lincheng basking in the Chronicles of literature of the fantastic described the story; comprehension classical marble in China long history of the evolution of the rise and fall, while at the same time for today’s world can create such ambitious projects, back ancient historical romance of the amazing initiatives.

Dali Royal Palace and the Palace in between a large section of the arch, the arch is a block of four columns of native stone, this stone mining Length 12. .5 M, weight 30 tons, said this is the largest stone arch in Yunnan Province. .

Walk in the city streets you will also see a blacksmith shop, “judging” and “textile floor” and see the full Golden my corn and red pepper in the reflection of the large “Bai farm” and other attractions, see dressed in ancient costumes of folk artists, will give back to the song Dali feeling, this is the history and reality intertwined. In fact, entered the Chronicles movie town just walked into a slice of history.

Feelings of ancient life.

In Dali, you can also see the ceremony and wedding performances Kaesong, chances are you will become the Dali Princess Prince. Of course, Dali and the Western countries and Prince style nature is not the same.

When the movie came to not only experience the “consort prince” of the noble, you can also witness the majestic Emperor welcome to watch the catch, “the court commit,” the thrilling, more exciting is that every afternoon at three o’clock, before the palace in Dali, Art Troupe from the movie the new rehearsal of “Dragon Heroes” began with a murder of the Gai Bang Ma and Xiao Feng, vice main fact of life experience and an itinerant swordsman twists and turns the story will be vivid image reproduction, even “Tian Long Ba Bu” The stars have repeatedly seen wow. .

Chronicles the Showbiz City after the Chronicles of the thermal field, also attracted the ghost “,” luck “and the cast of reside. A large number of exterior and photo shooting in the city. Along with these movies have been broadcast, chronicles the Showbiz City each scene will be the theme of the exhibition related to the television platform, and gradually formed a comprehensive film and television production base and colourful theme park.

Tian Long Ba Bu Dali movie will be at home and abroad after the producers and crew filming the preferred base for the unique quality, but also will be added to a depth of Dali Tourism rich cultural connotation of the new attractions.


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