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Location:Dali, Yunnan

Dali Butterfly Spring

Located in a clump of trees at the foot of Mt. Cangshan in Dali, Butterfly Spring is a square pool with some 50 square meters overall. The spring water emitted from the bottom is as clear as a mirror. An old decumbent tree stands beside the spring, which is named Butterfly Tree, luring a large number of butterflies every year in spring and summer, especially on 15 April.

What to Appreciate
Three wonders are famed for centuries, which had been praised by Xu Xiake, a famous Ming geographer. They are the spring, butterfly and tree.

Emitted from the sand layers between the rocks, the water is particularly pure which is nun-polluted for it gathers into a pool upon came out from ground. Stored up for appreciating, three pools are added to the park, being the most eye-catching scenes in the park.

Butterfly Spring, where gathers various kinds of butterflies hence the name. Every year from March to May, butterflies are flooding to the Butterfly Spring, suspending on the albizzia tree which forms clusters of garlands. What spectacular scenery!

The beauty of Butterfly Spring lies in green. Trees are planted all over the mountain behind the spring. The albizzia next to the spring draws many tourists’ attention that the white petals appear like butterflies. At night, the tree diffuses fragrance. Thus, poets described the butterfly is dancing flower while the flower on the tree is a resting butterfly.

Butterfly’s Party
Every year on fifteenth day of April in Chinese lunar calendar, the Butterfly’s Party is held near the Butterfly Spring. At this day, thousands of butterflies gather here from all directions, dancing in the air which embellishes the scene a marvelous spectacle.

Tips for Single Tourist
The Butterfly Spring stands for the loyalty of love especially for the Bai minorities. The butterfly’s Party offers the youngsters of Bai group chances to find their soulmates. Praying in front of the spring will predict you a ideal love affair. Do not miss it!

Hours & Admission Fee

  • Peak Season: Jan.-Dec. 08:00-19:00 CNY60
  • Low Season: Jan.-Dec.08:00-19:00 CNY60
  • Address: at the foot of the Yunnong Peak, Mt.Cangshan,Bai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture
  • Transportation: Take special cars that run from the bus stations and hotels in the city.


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