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Location:Dali, Yunnan

Dali Butterfly Spring

Butterfly Spring is a picturesque pool nestled in a grove of trees at the base of Mt. Cangshan in Dali. The square spring measures about 50 square meters and emanates crystal clear water from its sandy bottom. An aged, slanted tree stands next to the spring, attracting swarms of butterflies each spring and summer, especially on April 15th.

Three wonders – the spring, butterflies, and tree – have made Butterfly Spring renowned for centuries, as noted by the famous Ming Dynasty geographer Xu Xiake.

The Spring:

The spring water bubbles up pure and unpolluted through rock layers before gathering into a pool. To better appreciate the spring, three additional pools have been added to the park, creating eye-catching scenery.

The Butterflies:

Hordes of butterflies flock to Butterfly Spring from March to May, giving the area its name. They form vibrant garlands, suspended from the albizzia tree in spectacular clusters.

The Tree:

Lush greenery abounds on the mountainside behind the spring. The albizzia tree draws attention with its white petals resembling butterflies. At night, it releases a gentle fragrance. Poets have described the albizzia’s flowers as dancing butterflies and its butterflies as resting flowers.

Butterfly’s Party:

Each year on the 15th day of April in the Chinese lunar calendar, thousands of butterflies gather at Butterfly Spring for the Butterfly’s Party, dancing through the air in a marvelous spectacle.


For young Bai people, Butterfly Spring represents loyal love. The Butterfly’s Party offers a chance to find soulmates. Praying before the spring is said to foretell an ideal romance.

Hours & Fees:

08:00-19:00, ¥60

Address: Foot of Yunnong Peak, Mt. Cangshan, Bai Autonomous Prefecture
Transportation: Take special cars from Dali bus stations and hotels.