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Location:Menglun, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Tropical Botanical Garden in Menglun

The Tropical Botanical Garden of Menglun is located on Hulu Island of Menglun Township, 96 kilometers from Jinghong City.

It is called the ” Green Gem on the Crown of the Kingdom of Plants ” and is the first embryo of the ” Biological Society of Multi-levels and Multi-varieties “. The garden was established in 1959 under the leadership of the late famous botanist Cai Xitao. In the garden’s area of 860 ha. , thousands upon thousands of varieties of tropical and subtropical plants from home and abroad are growing there. Visitors can admire many precious plant varieties here, such as the dragon tree, the mayten wood, the poisonous up as-tree, the cement wall like big root, the thirst relieving “carrying pole vine” and the ” strelitziaceae “, the ” clock flower ” opening and closing along with the sunrise and sunset, the ” dancing grass ” in response to sounds, the ” king lotus ” able to hold a sitting child, and the ” miracle fruit ” able to turn sour to sweet, etc..