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Location:Shangri-la, Yunnan

Pudacuo National Park

Pudacuo National Park in Yunnan, China, captivates travelers worldwide. Additionally, as China’s first national park, it showcases the country’s commitment to preserving stunning landscapes and biodiversity.

Furthermore, the park spans 1.3 million acres, encompassing a diverse ecosystem. Specifically, serene, turquoise lakes dot the landscape, surrounded by towering, snow-capped peaks. Consequently, Pudacuo is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

This guide will explore Pudacuo’s history, highlights, and must-see attractions. Moreover, it will provide the information needed to plan an unforgettable visit.

The History and Significance of Pudacuo National Park

To begin with, Pudacuo has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Notably, the Tibetan and Naxi ethnic groups have lived in harmony with the land for generations.

Furthermore, the name “Pudacuo” means “the place where the Goddess of Mercy has descended” in Tibetan. This reflects the region’s deep spiritual and cultural significance.

In addition, in 2000, China established Pudacuo as its first national park, recognizing the area’s exceptional natural beauty and biodiversity. As a result, today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Consequently, visitors from around the world come to explore Pudacuo’s stunning landscapes and learn about its cultural heritage.

Exploring the Wonders of Pudacuo National Park

Pudacuo offers a wealth of natural wonders and cultural attractions. Here are some highlights:

The Shudu Lake and Bita Lake

To start, the Shudu and Bita Lakes are iconic attractions. Specifically, these serene, turquoise lakes are surrounded by towering peaks and lush forests.

Furthermore, visitors can explore the lakes via hiking trails and boardwalks. As a result, they may spot endangered wildlife like the black-necked crane and snow leopard.

Additionally, the surrounding areas also offer waterfalls, meadows, and ancient forests teeming with diverse life.

The Diverse Flora and Fauna

Pudacuo boasts incredible biodiversity. As a result, visitors can see a wide range of plant and animal life, including rare and endangered species.

Furthermore, the park’s varied ecosystems, from alpine meadows to ancient forests, delight nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Practical Information for Visiting Pudacuo National Park

Planning your visit carefully is key to making the most of your time.

Getting to Pudacuo National Park

Pudacuo is about 620 km northwest of Kunming. Consequently, you can reach it by bus, private car, or organized tour from Travel China With Me.

Admission and Tickets

Pudacuo is a popular attraction. Therefore, it is important to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines. Additionally, adult admission is 200 RMB.

Visiting the Park

It is recommended to arrive early or late to beat crowds. Furthermore, wear comfortable shoes and bring water. Lastly, consider hiring a guide or using an audio tour.

Accommodation and Dining

Pudacuo offers a range of accommodation and dining options to suit all budgets and preferences.


Pudacuo National Park is a true natural wonder. Consequently, its stunning landscapes, biodiversity, and cultural heritage make it a must-visit destination in China. Therefore, start planning your trip today to experience this awe-inspiring place.