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Date:April 25, 2012

Li River

Li River is the biggest and the most beautiful Karst landscape. The magnificent scenery of the Li River is printed on the back of the 20 CNY note. It is a known as a pearl of China and the essence of Gulin. Li River is famous as the city’s soul and heart.

Li River is 160 kilometers long, and can be divided into 3 scenic spots.

The first section is from downtown Guilin to the Ox Gorge. It offers towns, villages and pastoral scenes and a good place to appreciate the fantastic mountains and waters. Moreover there are various attractions in the section, such as the Elephant Trunk Hill, Pagoda Hill, Forest of Odd-Shaped Peaks, Duxu Ancient Town, and the Ox Gorge.

The second section is from the Ox Gorge to the Water-Dropping Village. Various rocky mountains flank the river. The main attractions are Wangfu Rock, Crown Cave, Half-side Ferry, Mural Hill and the Xingping Landscape.

In the third section, which goes from the Water-Dropping Village to Yangshuo, many beautiful types of scenery are in wait. Here the Li River fully displays its verdant mountains, fragrant waters, spectacular caves and exquisite stones.

Whether in modern or ancient times, both in China and overseas, many writers and poets have written a large number of articles or poems in praise of Li River. It is a worthy place to visit to enjoy the natural scenery and have a memorable experience.