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Location:Jianshui, Honghe, Yunnan

Shuanglong (Double Dragon) Bridge

Shuanglong (Double Dragon) Bridge is five kilometers west of Jianshui, its arches across the confluence of the Lujiang River and the Tachong River. A combination of science and art, the stone bridge ranks first in Yunnan Province in terms of size and artistic value.

When the bridge was built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing dynasty, it had only three arches on the north end. Later on, as the Tachong River changed its course, fourteen new bridge arches were added to the original ones and thus got the name “the Seventeen – Arch Bridge”. A pavilion of three stories was built in the middle, and two others at the two ends of the bridge.

With seventeen arches, the pavilion-style Double Dragon Bridge is a Qing Dynasty masterpiece and one of the best examples of its type in China. It is also, by the by, surrounded by some fairly butt-ugly buildings and required some degree of mucking about in the fields to get this shot.

Shuanglong Bridge is a masterpiece among ancient bridges in China. It is considered one of the beautifully built ancient bridge of the nation, and has been classified as an important cultural relic under provincial protection.

Shuanglong Bridge is a nice surprise on the road. Under the lingering caress of the setting sun, the ancient stone bridge spans over 140 meters and was constructed with over ten thousand huge rocks boulders. A continuous fourteen arches helps the bridge to alleviate pressures brought by occasional floods.

Shuanglong Bridge is the largest scale and the highest valuable bridge in Yunnan ancient bridge, which inherits the traditional style of multi-arch bridge of China and blends the science of bridge construction and plastic arts into a unit, and therefore it’s the excellent work of ancient bridge and has an important part in the history of bridge.