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Bingzhongluo Scenic Area

920km from Kunming, something of a melting pot, Bingzhongluo represents the southernmost extent of the Tibetan culture, and the northernmost extent of Han Chinese influence in the valley. The local population includes Nu and Lisu people, as well as some Dulong. Even a Christian commun
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Stone Moon on Gaoligong Mountain

The Stone Moon lies on the Gaoligong Mountains. It is a round stone cave formed by long period of erosion of rain and snow. When the sky is clear and bright, it looks like the bright moon high in the sky. At the central part of Gaoli Gongshan Mountain, there is cloud-kissing peak. At
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Pianma Relics of Hump Airline and the legend of Flying Tigers

In China today there are a number of memorials and monuments dedicated to the fliers of World War II who kept the Japanese from domination of the skies over China. The most recent, and most memorable is the new memorial in Pianma, Yunnan Province, which features a completely rebuilt C
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Nujiang Grand Canyon

The Nujiang (Nu River) Great Canyon is a spectacular 315 kilometre long marvel of nature in northwest Yunnan province in southwest China. The Chinese call it the Grand Canyon of the East: a direct comparison with the more famous Grand Canyon in the USA. There is only one way into this
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Suspension and Rope Bridges in Nujiang

About the Rattan Suspension Bridge or Rope Bridges A rope bridge is a bridge constructed chiefly of rope. In its simplest form, it can be one or two ropes that bridge a river, enabling the traveller to be supported in their crossing and not be swept away. One rope above another, for f
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