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Location:Guangzhou, Guangdong

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Situated on the southern slope of Yuexiu Hill, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was set up on the original site of Sun Yat-sen’s Presidential Office. Covering an area of 6.2 hectares (15.3 acres), the memorial hall, sponsored by the Guangzhou citizens and overseas Chinese was in commemoration of the great pioneer of Chinese Democratic revolution, who dedicated himself to uniting the whole nation as one community.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is one of the most significant architectures in Guangzhou and exemplifies delicately perfect combination of Chinese traditional architectural style and the Western structural elements. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is a piece of palatial octagonal construction with solemn and grand outlook. Steel framework and structure of reinforced concrete are ingeniously employed in the construction. What makes the hall impressive is that not even a pillar can be seen in the spacious lobby with a span of 71 meters (77.6 yards). The main hall holds a 15-meter (16.4 yards) wide and 20-meter (65.6 feet) deep stage with 3,238 seats. There is a gallery in display of the pictures and letters of Sun Yat-sen in the hall.

The Memorial complex consists of an archway, the main building – memorial hall and affiliated buildings, with the gated entrance made up of three small arches. The main Memorial Hall building looks striking and beautiful. The roof is made of sapphire blue glazed tiles. On the eaves and arches are carved with exquisite paintings and patterns. The hall is also characteristic with white and yellow brick walls, dado of blue stones, red columns, windows made of terrazzo, the granite base of Buddhist-style building. Below the brim of the central gate of the hall, there is a horizontal board which is inscribed with ‘the Whole World as One Community’.

The bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen stands in front of the central entrance of the hall. In front of the square is the pines, cypresses, kapok and green lawns. The two ornamental pillars leave us the impression of loftiness.

Kapok tree, the oldest one in Guangzhou can be seen in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. It is this old tree that witnessed a series of significant events such as the decline of Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911), the tragic Guangzhou uprising, the unconquerable spirit of Sun Yat-sen, the rebellion of Chen Jiongming, the construction of this memorable hall on the site of the Presidential Office. Great changes have taken place as time went by. However, the old kapok tree standing there silently can still stir up much of our remembrance.

Apart from the oldest kapok tree, the memorial hall boasts two largest white jade orchid trees in Guangzhou. Having endured the hardship for many years, the trees are still green all the year round, with the trunks protruding in all directions. They are just like two brave guards protecting the Memorial Hall. Every June and October, the white flowers cover the tree giving out the pleasant scent, which symbolizes the feat of the great man lasts forever.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall also functions as the important venue for the large-scale conventions and performance. The ornamental interior as well as the unique design of the structure proves it to be an amazing piece of architecture of its kind. Every year, people from different nationalities come here for appreciation.

Admission Fee:CNY 10 (Through ticket)
CNY 5 for children between 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) and 1.5 meters (4.9 feet).
Free for children under 1.2 meters
Opening Hours:08:00 to 18:00
06:00 to 22:00 (non-exhibition areas)
Recommended Time for a Visit:45 minutes
How to Get There:Take Guangzhou Subway Line 2 and get off at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station. Get out from Exit D and it can be easily found.
Take bus 27, 133, 185, 204, 209, 224, 229, 261, 276, 283, 284, 289 or 293 and get off at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station.