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Location:Menghai, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Nannuo Mountain and the Tea Plantation

Nannuo Mountain
Menghai tea factory has released this Peacock series of single-estate tea mountains since 2001. They represent some of Menghai Tea Factory’s most sought after teas and are produced in very limited quantities.

Nannuo means “bamboo paste” in the Dai language. During ancient times, Nannuo Mountain was primarily inhabited by ethnic Hani people. When they had too many bamboo shoots to eat, they made the leftovers into a paste. This paste was presented to the village chieftains every year. The mountain was subsequently named Nannuo Mountain. Itis located in the eastern portion of Menghai County of Yunnan Province’s Xishuangbanna Prefecture. It has an average elevation of 1400 meters above sea level. The entire mountain is covered in shaded forests of green bamboo and other trees. Ecological conditions are excellent. Nannuo Mountain tea trees are large-leaf arbor-type.

Nannuo Mountain is famous in China and abroad as the home of the “King of Tea Tree,” a human cultivated 800+ year old tree. Fine tea tree varieties and superior natural conditions produce outstanding Nannuo Mountain tea products. Nannuo Mountain Peacock tea is a 400 gram fresh Pu-erh cake. It possesses a green, glossy luster and has leaves and buds that are plump, strong, and tender. The strips of tea unfold with prominent fine hair. When brewed, the tea liquor is a bright golden yellow with a strong, but mellow and refreshing flavor. It has a sharp kougan(feeling in the mouth) and stimulates salivation. The tea has strong and distinctive aroma.

Xishuangbanna Nannuo tea growing area
Nannuo Tea Mountain is located in Bulanghe Township of Menghai County and is mainly inhabited by ethnic Hani people. It lies 22km from Jinghong and 20km from Menghai. During the 1920’s, the Republic of China government established Yunnan’s earliest tea industry testing ground at Nannuo Mountain. The Nannuo Mountain area contains vast tea growing areas and possesses a long history of growing tea. Its history of tea cultivation can be traced back to the Tang dynasty (618-920AD). It is also the oldest test-bed of industrialization in Xishuangbanna. Today there are still more than 10,000mu of remaining Nannuo Mountain old tea gardens. Combined with the past several decades of development in tea cultivation, this has made Nannuo an important source of raw tea material for the Menghai area.

Nannuo Mountain has a mild climate with a yearly average temperature of 18.7°C. Lying at elevations between 800 to 1500m, it serves to divide the climates of Menghai and Jinghong. Temperatures range from 3°C to 33.5°C. It is said to possess: “winters without brutal cold, and summers without extreme heat. There are many foggy days, but ample amounts of warm sun. Rainfall is plentiful.” Average relative humidity is 78%.There are an average 100 to 150 foggy days per year, which makes Nannuo a fine example of the saying “High, foggy mountains produce famous tea.”