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Location:Deqin, Shangri-la, Yunnan

Mingyong Glacier

We left our hotel at 08h00 in the morning, drove for 90 minutes to the foot of Meili Snow Mountain, started our trekking to the Mingyong Glacier.

Half of our teams chosed to ride horses, half insisted on walking.

Trails to the Mingyong Glacier lead up from Mingyong’s central square marked by a new chorten. After 45 minutes a path splits off down to the scruffy toe of the glacier. Continuing on, after another 45 minutes you get to Tibetan style Taizi Temple, where there is a guesthouse.

A farther 30 minutes along the trail is Lianhua (lotus) Temple, which offers fantastic views of the glacier framed by prayer flags and chortens. Horses can be hired (RMB 60) up to the glacier.

Mingyong Glacier is a rare monsoon maritime glacier that stretches from an altitude of 5,500 meters above sea level to 2,700 meters and stops only 800 meters from the surface of the Langcang River. It is at the foot of Kagebo Peak, about 6 square km. A glacier of this size is rarely seen at such low altitude and latitude.

Meili Snow Mountain is famous for her pilgrims and mountaineers, it also counts geographers amongst its admirers. Near the Mingyong Glacier, there is a magnificent waferfall known as Yubeng Waterfall, named by a tiny Tibetan village nearby, you can only reach there by 3 days trekking.