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Location:Lijiang, Yunnan

Lashi Lake

Lashi Lake is in the basin in Hengduan Mountain Range, 10 kilometers away from the Old Town of Lijiang.

The grassy marshland on the bank often gathers lots of water. It is the best place for plants, fishes, shellfish and river snails.

The grassy marshland and swamp provide a nice home for wetland animals and plants. In early winter, lots of wild birds will come here from cold northern places. They rest in the grass and look for food in streams.

The warm climate makes it possible for them to pass the long winter safely. When next spring comes and flowers bloom, the birds will leave for the north for reproduction. They bring life to the villages at the foot of Jade Dragon Mountain. Especially when black-necked cranes fly over Jade Dragon in rosy clouds of dawn, you will feel that the legend about the Naxi has come true.

(According to book of Dongba, the goddess Chenhong Baobai transformed herself into a crane, and carried Chongrenli’en who had survived the floods to the heaven and begged her father to let them get married. Their children then became the ancestor of Naxi people.)