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Location:Dali, Yunnan

Jinsuo Islet

Jinsuodao (Golden Shuttle Island), also called the Island of the Sea, lies in the southeast part of Erhai Lake and stands far apart opposite the Erhai Park at a distance. Lying 13 km. away from Xiaguan Harbour, it is one of the scenic spots for a boat ride in the lake. The island is 1,500 metres in length and 20 m. to 500 m. in width. The west is wide and the middle is narrow, so it looks like a shuttle or floating calabash, hence its name. The island is full of caverns and precipitious cliffs. The “Annals of Yunnan” by Fan Zhuo, a historian, recorded that: “The island lies in the centre of the lake, and is embraced by water on the four sides. It was cool and comfortable in summer, and was a summer resort of the royal family of Nanzhao Kingdom.” The island is inhabited by the Bai people whose professions are fishing and water transportation. Rocks are used in building their walls and grey-coloured bricks are dominantly used in building their houses. In front of the gate there is a screen wall. The courtyard, decorated with trees and flowers, gives a graceful atmosphere. The island commands a wide view of the lake with Cangshan Mountain as the beautiful background. It is on the island that one can taste the flavour of “fresh fish cooked in fresh water” in the style of the Bai nationality.