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Location:Mt. Cangshan, Dali, Yunnan
Date:March 28, 2012

Gantong Temple

Gantong Temple, also known as Danshan Temple, is located at the northern bank of the Mocang Brook, and the southern foot of Shengying Peak of Cangshan Mountain. Embraced by undulating hills, green trees and beautiful surroundings, the place has always been a scenic spot and a sacred place of Buddhism. It was constructed in the Tang Dynasty and there were 36 halls in all. Owing to ravages of soldiery in history, all the halls except one have fallen into ruins. of them is now under reconstruction. In the 17th year of the Hongwu era (1384) of the Ming Dynasty, the abbot Wuji led some of his disciples to go on a pilgrimage to Beijing and offered white steeds, camellias and white tea as tribute to the emperor. And from then on, the fame of the temple spread widely and the temple has become very popular among the people as No. One Temple is the Dali area.