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Location:Luoping, Qujing, Yunnan

Duoyi River

Duoyi River is located in Luoping County of Yunnan Province, at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces, connecting with Maling River Canyon National Scenic Area of Guizhou Xingyi City. It passes One Hundred Thousand Large Peaks to Duoyi Village and then to the scenic area. The scenic area extends 12 km to Sanjiangkou. In the scenic area, there are about 40 waterfalls. It has ancient wood and tall bamboos at both sides of the river, with rich colors. At Sanjiangkou, where is the junction of Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou, Duoyi River flows into Nanpang River.

Bantai Waterfalls
Bantai Waterfalls is located not far from Bantai Village. Along the river, Jingui beach, Yinhua Beach and Gurong Beach are meandering. Bantai Waterfalls consist of 6 1 to 3 meters high, 30 to 50 meters wide waterfalls, distributing at the river section of 100 meter long.

At the southeast river bend at Bantai Village, tens of calcified beaches tier upon tier. On Leigong Beach, the Duoyi River is very amazing. Climbing high to overlook the scenic area, which is very beautiful scenery.

Couple Waterfalls
Located about 500 meters down the Leigong Beach waterfalls, the Couple Waterfalls are formed by three 0.6 -8 meter high, 20 – 40 m wide waterfalls. The largest one is Zhongzhang Waterfall, which is 8 meter high and 60 meter wide. The waterfall’s cliff was divided by plants and rocks into left, middle, right, three parts. The middle part’s water is relatively fast.

Longgu Waterwheel
Longgu Waterwheel, or Keel Waterwheel, located at World Natural Waterwheel Expo Park in Luoyi Scenic Area, was created by Huagang in East Han Dynasty (168-189).

Longgu Waterwheel is based on sprocket transmission principle, using manpower or animal power to drive the wooden chain to make the waterwheel twirl. The waterwheel is used for irrigation and also can be used to remove water. The waterwheels can be divided in to water tankers hand waterwheel and pedal waterwheel. Pedal waterwheels are divided into two people, three people, four people, and even seven people waterwheel.

Best Time to Visit
The scenery of each season is beautiful, especially from Feb. to Mar., while the canola flowers blossom.

Double Third Day
In the scenic area, there are living Buyi people with profound ethnic customs. Each Double Third Day, Buyi people will gather at the bank of Duoyi River. They do raft race, send the egg package, splashing, and antiphonal singing for courtship, like a paradise.